The Pilgrims arriving at America were unconfident, invaders, disease ridden, cannibalistic, corpse eating, grave robbing, thieving, racist, white supremacist, and enslavers, guilty of torture, mass rape, ethnocide, ethnic cleansing, and genocide, amirite?

Jamestown Cannibalism: Proof America Settlers Ate Each Other | Heavy.comDesperate times called for desperate measures in Jamestown.https://heavy.com/news/2013/05/jamestown-pilgrims-cannabalism-cannibals/
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As well as the historic trauma against American Indians systematic oppression continues today. One form is police brutality. According to the book So You Want to Talk about Race American Indians are much more likely to be pulled over by a police officer, just like Blacks. Driving while Black.

"Native Americans are also incarcerated at disproportionately high rates. Native American men are admitted to prison at 4 times the rate of white men, and Native American women are admitted at 6 times the rate of white women. "


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Here's another important fact, the oppression against American Indians didn't just stop it continued and continued all the way up to at least 1956 with the Indian Relocation Act.

"Critics also characterize the law as part of the Indian termination policy between 1940 and 1960, which terminated the tribal status of numerous groups and cut off previous assistance to tribal citizens." wikipedia

"“Nothing else that Congress can do causes tribal members to lose more of their rights than termination. Termination is the ultimate weapon of Congress and ultimate fear of tribes."


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@vegan Here's another important fact, the oppression against American Indians didn't just stop it continued and continued...

Trump dramatically reduced the land of the Bears Ear American Indian monument.

"The monument's original size was 1,351,849 acres (2,112.264 sq mi; 5,470.74 km2), which was reduced by 85% by President Donald Trump on December 4, 2017, an act subsequently challenged as allegedly illegal." wikipedia

"the Navajo Nation, Hopi, Ute Mountain Ute, Ute Indian Tribe of the Uintah and Ouray Reservation, and the Pueblo of Zuni, all of which have ancestral ties to the region." wikipedia

Biden restored the Bears Ear monument. So yes, at least some American Indians are still facing major oppression in 2017. Remember Biden restoring the monument doesn't fully undo the damage Trump did. There is still the emotional cost. The mining of fossil fuels and uranium.


Behind paywall, but says reduced land by 85%.

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One area where I might be imprecise is that technically the pilgrims were just the English invaders are Plymouth rock. Yet, to focus on which group of European invaders did what is to lose the point.

The focus on should be on the great injustice and atrocities committed against American Indians. Whether it be the Spanish Conquistadors brutal attack on Inka and the triple alliance. The Puritans, the red coats, settlers versus explorers versus colonists, Colombus enslaving in the Caribbean islands, etc. If we focus on say that Columbus is Italian is to lose the point that this is white supremacy.

Therefore, I am loosely using the term Pilgrims to mean all the European squatters who invaded, stole, and committed atrocities against the American Indians. Whether landing in Jamestown or Plymouth rock.

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@vegan One area where I might be imprecise is that technically the pilgrims were just the English invaders are Plymouth...

Here's another way to phrase why focus on Plymouth rock and not Jamestown? When children are taught the Thanksgiving myth this gives the impression that all white incursions were this way. Finally, Thanksgiving was revisionist history created by the Puritans, not the Pilgrims.

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I've been reading Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States and got finished Charles C. Mann 1491. The Piligrims were more or less a horde of zombies or reavers from Firefly descending upon the just American Indians of 175 tribes or so, we can't know exactly how many tribes there were due to so much tragic loss of culture and life. The Wampanoag just happened to be one of the first to be attacked.

The only reason the forces of good were defeated is because of the super weapon of various infections disease carried by the reavers. Or you know we could believe the beautiful lie that Colombus discovered America and the Pilgrims were good to the American Indians.

I prefer to believe the grim truth of the first Europeans were overall monsters. America was a much better place before the Europeans arrived. The USA really ought to have a national day of mourning annually.


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More grim news.

" In 2016, 5,712 American Indian and Alaska Native women and girls were reported missing"

Robin Diangelo in NIce Racism calls this genocide. If Diangelo is correct, it means white "settlers" are still committing genocide against American Indians to this day.


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Columbus never set foot in America.

YouTube video thumbnail

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The Maya invented rubber way before the 19th century.

"Ancient civilizations in much of Mexico and Central America were making different grades of rubber 3,000 years before Charles Goodyear "stabilized" the stuff in the mid-19th century, new research suggests."


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