62% of Americans say they have political views they’re afraid to share, amirite?

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Being a moderate/left center liberal I have a lot of views that I self-censor. I even have a few views on the right center. More and more I am afraid to talk to liberals because I don't want to lose my job and then become unhoused.

I am so tired of being judged for what I say and think. Ad hominem attacks being the default rather than attacking the argument.

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This rise in self-censorship is worrisome. Much of this caused by elites.

"These two extreme groups are similar in surprising ways. They are the whitest and richest of the seven groups, which suggests that America is being torn apart by a battle between two subsets of the elite who are not representative of the broader society." Jonathan Haidt

"This uniformity of opinion, the study’s authors speculate, is likely a result of thought-policing" Jonathan Haidt

Next time somebody shoots a social media dart at you remember it is probably a rich white person. So, yes as ridiculous as it sounds this is actually happening, rich white liberals are calling out the lower class and BIPOC.


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