If there is an infinite amount of universes with their own rules, maybe there is a universe which doesn't allow other universes to exist. amirite?

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Yay multiverse cancer

That's self contradicting. There cannot be infinite universes if multiple universes cannot exist.

capamericasurs avatar capamericasur Yeah You Are +4Reply

And if infinite universes doesn't exist, we're living in that universe right now.

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Logical inconsistencies wouldn't be possible in any universe. Like, you could never have a round square. No word games here, the thing we define as a square can never be in the shape we define as round. No matter what the laws of physics are.

Sounds like some sorta pardox. I'm far too tired to be thinking about this.

Lecturesea7537s avatar Lecturesea7537 Yeah You Are +2Reply

Each universe is independent of other universes and can't directly influence another without intra-universe communication which requires an intelligent. No intelligent is going to shut down their universe. Simply put, the required universe interaction doesn't exist to make another universe not exist.

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