To those who hate you, your past matters, amirite?

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Except racists, they just hate you cause you're different looking.

Folk wanna live in the Past, they're missing out on the Present. Probably the gonna miss out on the future, too.

To those that love you

Your past is is matters

As it's your example of life moving ur matter to what matters….:)

I Have been thinking about that. But honestly, this means THEY are wrong about the past.

What I mean is, we aren't justice. Even if wronged at some point you have to move on. Seeking vengeance is messing with powers beyond our control.

We see this a lot in anime/shows. Writers like to play with the idea of change. Usually the hero goes to the x villains defense.

Further if you are suffering from something someone did in the past past. I encourage seeking Pro help. Because only a professional can give you proper scope. It's respect for yourself that If you think it's serious it deserves Proper attention.


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