Plenty of perverts probably choose mall Santa so that they can get off without getting arrested, amirite?

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I felt really vulnerable as a driving instructor. I actually had two dashcams, one facing forward and one facing inside with audio. Gotta cover your ass

I wanna say something but i usually get banned for speaking my mind

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The word projection comes to mind.

@Saucierstone The word projection comes to mind.

I think OP must've seen that one Christmas episode of Glee where the teens went to the mall to see Santa. A cheerleader told him, "Please tell me that's a pack of Rolaids in your pocket!" Ryan Murphy is a messed up showrunner.

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Perverts take jobs that grant them access to victims easily. A mall Santa is probable but seasonal.

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Do you know from personal experience or you prefer the Easter Bunny?

I saw a mall Santa get arrested for drunk and disorderly when I was like 13. It was kind of traumatic tbh.

No, malls are public. If a mall Santa tried to molest a child, he would probably be caught because there are many people at the mall. Also, parents are often watching when their child is with the mall Santa. They recognise that mall Santas are strangers, so they do not trust them unless the parents are watching.

If you meant that a pedophile might become a mall Santa so that he can see children and be sexually aroused, then that's completely different. Being attracted to someone is nothing like having a sexual relationship with them, so it doesn't make you a pervert.

However, there is a problem with mall Santas, it's that many children, especially babies, recognise the mall Santa as a stranger. Babies often do not believe in Santa. They do not have the trust of Santa that many older children have. Forcing children to sit on the lap of a stranger is wrong.

Also, the Santa lie is wrong. It doesn't bring joy to children, it is the promise of presents if they behave well that does that. That joy would still be there if parents said they would give their children the presents. It is not imaginative play when the child literally believes that Santa exists. Few other misconceptions are considered imaginative play. And it teaches them to trust mall Santas, who are strangers. Also, when children write letters to Santa, their privacy is violated when other people read those letters.

The Santa lie has been known to traumatise children, but many of them don't talk about it because they want to seem tough or mature or something. Or maybe they are convinced that the Santa lie is OK just because their parents did it, kind of like victims of corporal punishment.

It also encourages parents to waste money on unnecessary presents for children, when they may be poor or something. And since the poor are less likely to get presents, it promotes classism. Also, the "no presents"/coal punishment for misbehaviour is often an empty threat. Bad kids get presents, sending the message that their behaviour is OK.

And yes, many of these points also apply to things like the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. Lying about fantastical figures to kids is wrong.

Most perverts who want access to children prefer the kid's parents not be standing right there watching and photographic evidence of the encounter, I'm assuming.

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I always wondered this with places like Disneyland. I know there's a lot of people who just enjoy seeing kids face light up, but as usual the creepers ruin it for me.

Same for working in schools, or gym or althletics clubs

@vcsandfeces Same for working in schools, or gym or althletics clubs

My old middle school gym teacher was dating one of the students. He went to jail by the way.

@Saucierstone My old middle school gym teacher was dating one of the students. He went to jail by the way.

One of my high school teachers knocked up one of the schools volleyball players....a team his wife coached.

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