The smartest child prodigies probably declined the option to skip grades and graduate several years early because they also understood the social effects, amirite?

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I was asked to skip a grade in math but declined because I'm lazy.

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That was basically why my parents wanted me not to skip grades lol

I made up for it in HS with AP though

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If they are child prodigies they have a better chance of weighing out there options then us

I was offered to skip a grade, and though I was faaaar from a child prodigy, this was the reason I said no. Actually the logic was quite simple; 'my friends are in this grade, if I skip it I won't be with my friends. I want to be with my friends, therefore I will not skip the grade.'

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I was offered a chance to skip two grades, said no thanks. I realized that it would have left me even more socially isolated than I already was.

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Maybe. Or maybe they'd hope to avoid the negative socialization that much of schooling offers by skipping ahead.

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Dropped out of gifted classes in 3rd Grade mostly due to the social ostracization. Plus, smart enough to realize I was doing all this extra, harder work, for literally no reason other than to make parents / teachers happy? No thanks. Happily passed / made B's without really having to try for rest of school career.

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I skipped 2 grades and yes, it absolutely has a bad effect socially. Couldn't hang with the kids I went to school with (they say you're too young) so I stayed in the house and played ColecoVision. A LOT.

And don't even think about dating a girl in your grade...

Not so: intelligence does not equate to wisdom (or even self-awareness, for that matter).

Which you can see from the stereotype of the socially awkward, insanely intelligent absent-minded professor.

I wasn't really a prodigy, but due to my mom working with me a LOT I could read when I was three and write when I was 4. So I was given the opportunity to skip a grade. My mom let me decide and I decided not to take it. The kids in the grade above me were already picking on me. I didn't need them to do it even more.

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I'm not sure how many kids recognize this. I had the opportunity to start college after my sophomore year in High School. I was all about it, but my parents wouldn't sign off, purely for social reasons. In hindsight, I'm glad they made that decision.

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