The only thing preventing humans from building an outer space colony on mars is a lack of imagination, amirite?

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I think its lack of funding and most people are greedy misers, but i see what you're saying.

SnooStoriess avatar SnooStories Yeah You Are +14Reply

If by imagination you mean political will, then yeah you're absolutely right

Pheniz21s avatar Pheniz21 Yeah You Are +11Reply

I would rather say lack of unity and willpower but yeah, that works.

Nickyikkys avatar Nickyikky Yeah You Are +10Reply

Just build a really big rocket and point it down to push the earth out into space like that one episode of Futurama.

jodzdzownicas avatar jodzdzownica Yeah You Are +9Reply

We need to build a wall on Mars to keep those Mexicans from getting there and taking our jobs dammit!!

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