A vegan technically can't swallow when giving a blowjob. amirite?

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It's not like they have the stamina to make it to ejaculation.

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So, you're 12? Thats cool.. going back to school soon? Thank god, there will be less of this dumb crap on here.

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Ok so I actually asked this of one of my friends who's vegan, and their response was that as long as the blowjob is consensual, then it counts as vegan because there's no theft/harm/exploitation or any of the things that vegans see as moral issues with a non-vegan diet

Technically anything growing from the ground isn't vegan it's eating nutrients from things that used to be alive.

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The only meat she'll stuff down her throat is a cock, and millions of little kids.

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I actually asked a vegan if she swallowed and she does. I was surprised

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