I am not racist, sexist, or phobic in anyway pertaining to sexuality. This is my opinion and response to "Black Lives Matter." None of the below is edited so punctuation and grammar may be off. amirite?

I disagree. You all are so caught up in the past you don't look at the present. The statement should be "All Lives Matter." Because here's the thing, all these people are complaining about the past and how they were "slaves." No they weren't, their ancestors were. That isn't the only thing but I've heard it quite a bit. Today there may still be racism, sexism, and many phobics, but that is my point it's not only about "Black Lives Matter" it's "All Lives Matter." All of us no matter what skin tone, sexuality, gender, pronouns, not even for your own ####ing hair color or eye color should you or anyone be persecuted for. So, I ask you do you really think only "Black Lives Matter" or do you believe that "All Lives Matter." I want to know.

99%Yeah You Are1%No Way
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