I am not racist, sexist, or phobic in anyway pertaining to sexuality. This is my opinion and response to "Black Lives Matter." None of the below is edited so punctuation and grammar may be off. (Press More to read) amirite?

I've read articles on how they keep bringing up the past when it comes to the BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement. They say that the slogan ALM (All Lives Matter) is ignorant. I think they are the ignorant ones. Yes, Black Lives matter is a movement that seeks to highlight racism, discrimination, and racial inequality. However, I don't say All Lives Matter because I want to rebuke them I say it because I believe everyone is equal and should be treated so. I mean no offense when I say this but black people aren't the only ones who gain racism or criticism. First off everyone gets criticism whether it's good or bad. Second, yes Black people still have those who are racist to them, but they aren't the only ones. I know Mexicans, Indians, and Saudi Arabians also gain racism here in the U.S. of course those are only the few off the top of my head. You may not hear or see it, but it's there. Black people aren't the only ones under the eyes of racism. I also only mentioned the U.S. What do you think people in other countries are going through? Not everyone is accepted no matter how much we wish it so. Now back to ALM (All Lives Matter) I believe those who see it as ignorant are ignorant themselves. No offense to anyone who is against ALM. I know for a fact not everyone says All Lives Matter to rebuke Black Lives Matter. We say it because it's exactly what we believe that All Lives Matter and they are all equal. Everyone who has been subjected to racism, sexism, or even homophobic's, transphobic's, all of that and more are apart of all lives matter because no one is above another. This world may not fully realize that quite yet, but even if today or in the next hundred years we are not close to making everyone equal to each other, we can still pave the path for the future.

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