The discrepancy in women's dating preferences vs men's is pretty simple. Women have a finite amount of eggs, while men have trillions of seed to fertilize. Evolution 101, amirite?

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Absolutely not, have you seen the women walking around with multiple kids and even more baby daddys? Then they talk about how bad they all are, well you chose them. If not just check out reruns of The Maury Show paternity tests.

Please google "evo psych" son you can learn about what you're talking about.

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There's also the consequences of conception. If a woman is knocked up, she's going through a physically and emotionally traumatic process over nine months that concludes with a living organism that size of a watermelon squeezing through a part of her body that's the size of a kiwi. That is not something one chooses to do lightly.

While that woman did that to give birth to a single child (barring twins, triplets, etc.), the man who knocked her up in the first place could have literally conceived hundreds of other children with other women. At no point in any of these conceptions was the man ever at risk of becoming pregnant himself.

By your logic, a man should father children with as many partners as he can then.

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