People born in 1999 will be the last Living things from the 20th century, amirite?

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Who's to say they won't all die before someone from 1998 or earlier. Also I'm pretty sure there are some animals that outlive human, by like a lot.

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Things? Yeah, no tree planted in 1999 or turtle born in 1999 will outlive those people. Right.

There are trees alive right now that are older than the pyramids

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Living human, anyways...
There are things that will our live us

nahh, if the ppl from 1999 all die, there still will be animals and micro organisms, some of them can live for long periods of time.

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Not necessarily, a person who was born 1998 or before may outlive all the 99ers.

People aren't even close to the longest living things. There will be trees, whales, turtles, long after we die.

There's still living bacteria alive for literally thousands of years. Humans will not be the last living things from the 20th century.

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