Most shows and Movies would be improved by deleting all sex scenes, drug scenes, and party scenes, amirite?

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This man lives in a saltine cracker, drinking tap water, and watching PBS.

Mytokhondrias avatar Mytokhondria Yeah You Are +6Reply

What's more interesting than sex, drugs, and parties?

Except for porn, porn definitely needs the sex scenes

Yeah you are right, how unrealistic. No one ever actually has sex, does drugs or party. How dare they. /s

Breaking Bad

It will surely improve Family movies watchlist. like there so many good movies that I can not watch with family just because director wanted to add unnecessary 5 sec sex scene.

Heinerprahms avatar Heinerprahm Yeah You Are +5Reply

The hangover would be a pretty boring movie then.

Framie1s avatar Framie1 Yeah You Are +4Reply

..and cursing

One good example of a show that would've been better without the sex scenes is sandman. Hard to follow the story when people are having sex.

contextrips avatar contextrip Yeah You Are +4Reply

To be fair, usually shows and movies use thsese as a cautionary tale.

JimKBs avatar JimKB Yeah You Are +4Reply

Not unpopular, this or something like it is on here weekly. Probably more often but I'm being generous.

Effectlive97s avatar Effectlive97 Yeah You Are +4Reply

No lesbians!

Just kidding :)

I agree about sex scenes. However if a movie is based on drugs or parties I understand a drug scene or party scene. Examples would be Blow, Old School, etc

ambitiouscorners avatar ambitiouscorner Yeah You Are +3Reply

Yup. Sometimes they are something but generally they're rubbish. The party scene in the second Matrix went on for way too long, for instance.

No_on3__s avatar No_on3__ Yeah You Are +3Reply

Breaking bad would suck

Lol You'd have to delete the majority of the movie House Party

Series like euforia, the wire, breaking bad would be kind of trash without those scenes.

But I guess you weren't referring to those.

The Wolf of Wall Street would be about 17 minutes long if that happened

Vic8760s avatar Vic8760 Yeah You Are +2Reply
@Vic8760 The Wolf of Wall Street would be about 17 minutes long if that happened

God is it even that long? Feels like it's just be the "sell me this pen" scene, which granted is pretty awesome.

This is really simplifying the art of filmmaking. Sometime those scenes happen to be extremely important plot points or could be powerful/moving.

Tldfonats avatar Tldfonat Yeah You Are +2Reply

Says the person who has never done drugs, partied, or had sex.

SnooStoriess avatar SnooStories Yeah You Are +2Reply
@SnooStories Says the person who has never done drugs, partied, or had sex.

This is exactly what I was thinking. All 3 of those things have had significant impacts on my life, good and bad for all three too.

But how else would teenagers develop unrealistic expectations of what college is like /s

The Wolf of Wall Street wouldn't be the investor bros go to anymore :(

opensofiass avatar opensofias Yeah You Are +2Reply

Requiem For a Dream says otherwise

Pheniz21s avatar Pheniz21 Yeah You Are +2Reply
@Pheniz21 Requiem For a Dream says otherwise

Terrible film anyway. Never got the hype. Different horrible people do horrible things then live with the consequences? Fun!

Good tune though.

365 days would be so short then 💀

Surely theirs a cloud you can shout at

Sometimes they're used as great story narratives!! My favorite example is fleabag

I agree. The older I get the more I roll my eyes whenever there's a sex scene that plays out.

Scarface would suck without drugs and sex

I skip sex scenes 😂

I agree, they serve no purpose and the best movies aren't known for those things

Wait until you find out about porn

The older I get the more sex scenes seem useless

Thatoneduderyans avatar Thatoneduderyan Yeah You Are +1Reply

There need to be a rating on how embarrassing it is to watch with family

It's OK if they get the click bait out of the way in the first 15 minutes. That way, if the movie is trash you'll have only wasted the second 15 minutes it took to figure out all the good bits were in the first 15.

Found the prude

Breaking Bad: 👀

Would you be kind as to show some examples of these movies and tv show?

Sex education would be just a highschool documentary.

you must be a fun person

sex scenes are almost always uneccesray

Most slasher movies wouldn't exist (Friday the 13th ,for example)

srilarts avatar srilart Yeah You Are 0Reply
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