Smirnoff Ice gets a lot of hate, but it's delicious. amirite?

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Not unpopular with me, I love them. Not much alcohol but delicious and they go down so fast.

Drink whatever you want, if you like expensive bourbon great, if you like wine coolers great, you like bud light fine, you like wine from a box go for it. There's a lot of things you don't do or don't admit to liking when you're younger. Then one day hopefully you realize that it doesn't matter what others think and that if it makes you happy and doesn't harm others, do it. Listen to whatever music you like, eat and drink what makes you happy.

It catches at the back of my throat, too sweet so only really drinkable if you have one or two. That is my main problem with drinks like that. I'd rather have a proper cocktail if I want something refreshing and fruity than a processed alcopop.

So does all alcohol that actually tastes nice. If you don't drink beer and whisky you have a vagina apparently. Elitism over alcohol is pathetic, just like elitism over and food or drink preferences.

There's a reason bro's icing bro's was a thing back in the day.

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If drinking Smirnoff ice and listening to katy perry is gay, who wants to be straight?

I don't understand the hate either? It is tasty! I especially like the green apple and pink lemonade one!

Full of sugar and gives you worse hangovers

My wife and I can split a 6 pack and be extremely drunk

Best $7 ever spent

Turbo shandies all the way!
Half lager half smirnoff ice and if you want to go hard core make the lager a desperado .

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"I dunno, let me know when your wife gets back from the powder room." - the remark I had to bite off when a guy at a pool hall asked me where the lady my sour apple Ice was for

I drink frequently and I didn't even know they were hated. Nobody in my friends group buys them but they also aren't hated. Mmmm

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@Cheytuflya I drink frequently and I didn't even know they were hated. Nobody in my friends group buys them but they also...

A lot of people consider them "chick drinks" and a common prank is to surprise someone with one and forcing them to chug it on the spot, known as "Icing" someone.

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@freq432 A lot of people consider them "chick drinks" and a common prank is to surprise someone with one and forcing them to...

My son calls them "bitch pop" (he's not really PC). But he says it in the sentence, "While you're up, can you get me another of your bitch pops?"

People like to bitch and moan about whatever isn't manly enough to them. They always have.

I'll drink straight hard liquor like it's diet coke, and then go enjoy a "chick drink". You do you and ignore the haters. The only wrong way to liquor is if you're a dick or causing problems in your life.

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My best friend likes Smirnoff apple. I don't mind them either

Idk if it has changed at all but all I remember is before I finished the 6 pack my stomach would be messed up and it happened more then once so I can't do it but they tasted pretty good

Bro I can always drink one I'm shocked this is an unpopular opinion they're so refreshing

I probably haven't had a Smirnoff in a decade. Maybe I'll go pick one up and give it a try again

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Mike hard lemonade are the bomb

I don't mind them, but I can't drink something that is so non-alcohol tasting. I like it, but if I buy a case I'll drink it all in one sitting because it tastes like a soft drink.

It is pretty good, but it's so sugary you have more than one and your mouth is coated in syrupy film

My choice of drink. And it doesn't give me a hangover.

I haven't had one of these since my early 20's, and now I may have to. lol.

Smirnoff Ice is the Transition Lenses Of Alcohol

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@srilart Smirnoff Ice is the Transition Lenses Of Alcohol

Ok this is hilarious and I will be using it in the future.

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i aint got the stomach linung for more than 1

I like it as well. It's nice to have a cooler on most menus instead of just cider.

That's the best cold drink you can buy in the store after beer of course.

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