Live streams are incredibly boring. amirite?

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It's mostly a sense of taste. Also, you'll find them less boring if you are an active in the community via the chat. If not, the boring parts of the game or whatever will get to you.

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I completely agree. I do tend to like highlight videos that are made after the fact, but I can only pop onto an actual stream for a few minutes before I'm bored out of my mind.

You watch the highlights compiled by people after the fact. If anything important happens you'll find it later.

Conversely live police chases are the best because you never know what's next such as a crash, a car jacking, or even the suspect getting shot a dozen times by the police.

Try a music stream, it'll change your life

Yeah, I never understood them; and I'm absolutely fine with the concept of watching someone else play a video game, but it has to be someone I'm friends with and in the same room with so I can actually engage with them about it. Watching a stranger play something while a chat full of thousands of people whizzes by is baffling to me, and possibly even a cry for help.

If you watch small streamers you can usually interact with them pretty easily

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I "watch" them for the background noise. Also, I prefer solidarity so a person speaking "to me" can make my personal space feel more lively and less depressing.

I despise youtubes obsession with showing you everything that is live. I'm simply not interested

i only watch my friends stream. its just like when your friend is gaming on the couch and you watch, but better because you can redeem fart sound effects. i enjoy it, sometimes we get on vc and he streams us playing. its the best

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