Cable is so outdated and expensive. It's the biggest waste of money someone can make. amirite?

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Ah yes, pay 200 a month to watch an hour of ads for every 10 minutes of show.

i'm confused how cable tv is still a thing even with netflix, disney+, etc.

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Our cable and internet is like 15usd if converted from ph peso.

Word. Preach brutha.

I fully agree. Wife FINALLY cut the cable cord last month. I'd have done it many years ago. Especially in Canada where a typical internet and cable package is $250 a month....

While cable is indeed outdated, it offers many "on demand" services that make it analogous to streaming. And streaming is getting to be just as expensive, considering how many different services you need to watch certain shows.

Personally, I think it's all outdated. I've been a fan of the VPN+pirating method for years now. I honestly don't care if my selfishness causes the entertainment industry to collapse, because nothing better will take its place until it does.

I haven't had cable since like 2007. Don't miss it one bit

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