Comfortable silence is peak communication. amirite?

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For it to be comfortable you must know that the other person is also comfortable

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That's what I keep trying to tell people but for some reason it doesn't make them comfortable!

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theres a difference between doing something with someone, versus being able to do Nothing with someone...

I have this with one of my closest friends and it is extremely comforting, especially in rough times when you don't want to be alone but don't necessarily want to spend time talking about your feelings/situation.

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Finnish people looking at each other like "I guess we're peak communicating"

I love that. Some are so terrified of silence and have to say anything to deal with the unbearable pain. I love silence.

Urg finally someone gets it. Just vibing without worrying if it's awkward or not. Or feeling the need to be entertaining/entertained. Being in the present moment (or zoning out) and chilling is all I need 👌

At first I agreed but having read the responses itt, I gotta say I really about-faced. Feeling pressured into silence by introversion or introverts pressuring others into silence is how it unfolds in the real world, it seems. Quoting movies and telling your friends to shut up like that's an opener to healthy communication.

As an introvert, I think moments like these recharge my social batteries.

@Boknows12 As an introvert, I think moments like these recharge my social batteries.

They do. No need to think about it. That's how it works when you're introverted.

This is me and my hiking buddy we can go long stretches in silent enjoying ourselves. It's very calming knowing you're not alone out there if you fall or twist something, but can experience the beauty of the outdoors in silence.

Yessl, very much so. I need to meet more people that I can get to that stage with.

It's been a long day and at first glance I read this as "peak communism" and was so curious to see why

True, me and one of my best friends usually just sit together listening to albums in silence, maybe every now and then being like "that beat was nuts" but for the most part comfortable coexistence.

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