A movie being "well made" and having good cinematography doesn't make it a good movie. amirite?

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Movies are made for different purposes and should be watched with that idea in mind.

Good cinematography is part of a movie being well made, not sure why you had to distinguish the two.

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I was hyped for that Film too; turned It off 20 minutes in as it didn't hold my attention span… which is pretty big

I couldn't even make it through Citizen Kane. If a movie is going to take away 2 hours of my life or more it should be entertaining.

Jorden Peele films all hyped woke era excrement stuff …

I agree. But likewise people need to be able to separate a movie they don't like from something being a bad movie.

I felt that way about Once upon a time in Hollywood. Brilliantly shot and absolutely gorgeous set design. But the whole thing felt like a Tarantino dialog jerkoff session. No real overarching story. It just follows 3 people going on about their lives and then sort of ends. Which would have been fine if there was a mystery then full penetration, then back to crime, but not in what's supposed to be your penultimate masterpiece.

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No idea about cinematography but I enjoyed Get Out, Us and Nope very much.

28 Days Later. FANTASTIC cinematography but not necessarily the best film.

I've realized people watch movies for different reasons. I enjoy film as a whole and I can enjoy a movie for the cinematography, plot, acting, or whatever. Some people just want a good plot. Filmmaking is a whole artist medium and people will get what they want out of it. You do realize how much work goes into filming a movie, like it's a huge team of people working to make a film look the way it's meant to.

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