Fries are best served without any condiments! (chips for you English folk) amirite?

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Meh, it's all good man.

Mayo is THE best 🥰🥰 or garlic sauce

R.I.P. OPs credibility.

I agree with you. And everyone else calls me crazy because I like 'dry' fries. So we truly do have an unpopular opinion!

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As long as they are sufficiently cooked, you're correct.

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This really depends on how good the fries are.
If they're amazing I agree.
If they're not amazing I better have some condiments

@Alixkast This really depends on how good the fries are. If they're amazing I agree. If they're not amazing I better have...

This, gotta be amazing fries OP. Most fries are mediocre which is why they're used as sauce delivery devices.

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FYI English, as well as the rest of the UK, know what fries are. Chips are the generic term for them but fries might also be said to specify the type. Fries being thin french fries, chips being thicker which googling looks like you call Steak fries I think.

I don't often do ketchup with fries, though sometimes I will I'm if in the mood or it's the only option. Most of the time I'll eat them with tartar sauce or (sometimes) with no sauce at all.

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Yep! But then, I don't eat ketchup, either.

Good quality chips/french fries don't need condiments, just a pinch of salt, but tangy or creamy dipping sauces help cut the salty carbs, that's why cheese boards are accompanied with pickles (sour) or chutneys (sweet)

Some days you want simple and plain foods other days you may want something a little extra.

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I'm gonna disgust you even more.

I love my chips with Salad Cream!

Only steak fries are good without condiments, regular fries especially from fast food restaurants taste like burnt rubber without ketchup.....

Tartar sauce and only tartar sauce, thank you.

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Curry Ketchup is amazing

I feel the need to call out... Red salt, peri peri salt and paprika salt (sometimes interchangeable).

In England it's become a real fans favourite, I've no idea if this is available in other countries but I swear by it on my chips/fries 🍟 🌶️

Yeah, I completely agree. It's not that I don't enjoy fries with sauce on them, but I often feel like the sauce overpowers the taste of the fry. I like fries best with just salt.

Poutine rules

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I agree wholeheartedly. Fries are good by themselves.

Try them with honey-dill sauce. There's nothing better with fries.

Ima need a lot more than salt and pepper to eat fries plain

Yeah i overall like my fries plan. With salt of course but no ketchup or anything

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