Hollywood has come a long way embracing diversity and inclusion yet still openly and unashamedly discriminates against conservative white males, amirite?

Image for post Hollywood has come a long way embracing diversity and inclusion yet still openly and unashamedly discriminates against conservative white males, amirite?
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This entire victim hood trope is often used by conspiracy theorists and science deniers. The persecuted victim.

" So why have many white Americans started to see themselves as the victims of racial discrimination?" Alex Samuels and Neil Lewis Jr.


This is not only factually incorrect myth but dangerous too. Before the American Civil war conspiracies spread in the South making the Confederacy the persecuted victim. Same with world war II.

In the 3rd Reich's myth whites were the victim and Jews the oppressors. Don't you see how dangerous this point of view is? How this persecuted victim trope has real consequences? Can you see how this has been used to promote conspiracies, science denial, and white supremacy in the past?

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I am not sure if I should response since it may only give your ideas more coverage, eyeballs, and clicks. The other reason I don't respond is your posts seems to be "flooding the zone with expletive" as Steven Bannon put it.


Also known as a firehose of falsehoods or gish gallop.

Here goes nothing. Comparing whites to BIPOC people is a false analogy. Racialized people have had to struggle with white's racism against them. HIIP (historic, institutional, interpersonal, and personal racism. White people on the other hand do not have this disadvantage.

A second false analogy on gender. The standard for patriarchy is male cis-gender. Excluding females, transgenders, and other non-cis genders. Just look at the violence against Black transgender woman.

Gaze at the number of movies, video games, and television shows where a white cis-gender male is the main character. Often, the entire cast is almost white or entirely white. For example 2003 Stealing Christmas starring white cis-gender straight male Tony Danza. With only a single Black character as a form of tokenism in the trivial menial role of security guard.


Or the all white Brady Bunch. Let alone all the stereotypes and myths. Finally, conservation? Hollywood does tend to be more liberal overall, but I don't think conservatives are discriminated against in anyway. Hitchen's razor "what can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence."

With no evidence your claims can be dismissed. I recommend White Fragility and Nice Racism because Robin Diangelo provides much needed facts as well is an anti-racist and feminist. Feminist frequency has lot of videos and a resource page with lots of book to read for an in depth analysis of the subject.

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