By our own definition, humans are an invasive species, amirite?

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Twice over. Once for original settlement, twice for colonization

True but we don't have to be. We're often also a self-destructive species which we could decide to change on a fundamental level. Therein lies the challenge… who do we actually wish to be in the history of our world; its destroyers or the "human period" during which we just kinda popped in for a brief moment then wiped ourselves out

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Mhmm. Homo sapiens killed off the Neanderthals and homo erectus

Yep, we are the only animals with a foot on two branches of the tree of life

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Yep. We should all go back to our home planet as soon as we have a chance.

In my country, by legal definition, humans are not invasive species.

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@Cheytuflya May I ask what the legal definition is?

they live somewhere in Africa, all humans originated in Africa, it's not invasive if it's in it's original environment by, not sure on legal, but logical definition: can't be invasive if it hasn't invaded anything yet

I wonder if aliens just think of us as invasive species destroying our environment because we exist.

Humans are born as parasites, act more like pests than roaches, and kill needlessly more than anything else.

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By our own definition, humans are also assholes; What's your point?

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If a species is invasive because it was brought there by humans then humans cannot be invasive because we went everywhere ourselves.
But I suppose it all depends on what definition you use.

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