Eh is way better than huh, amirite?

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Nothing beats "Oi!" for me.

Sincerly an American

Eh, what did you say? Huh.

Kionixs avatar Kionix Yeah You Are +4Reply

Your complaint is that the term you use is made fun of so your response is to insult the term used by other people?

Framie1s avatar Framie1 Yeah You Are +4Reply

I always think of them as built in cultural catchphrases.

Like in anime when they say: "Believe It" "Dattebayo" "Mada made dane"

#DenverCountry Let's ride

Canadians don't even do this much, anymore.


Lmao, My Canadian grandmother spent a few winters in Florida and every time she came back I'd hear this exact thing

No one besides southerners says huh though? And y'all do emphasize on the "EH" tbh.

Boknows12s avatar Boknows12 Yeah You Are +1Reply

I'm Canadian and I'm more likely to say "huh"

lazar94s avatar lazar94 Yeah You Are +1Reply

Huh? Funny thing to be annoyed about, eh?

browndog888s avatar browndog888 Yeah You Are 0Reply

Better then french

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