are my belief's to naive? (read comment) amirite?

i think i’m the type to fall in love easily. i’m used to observing people but sometimes the more i stare at them i find out something new about them every time. when i’ve memorized the way they’ve looked like i either just record them in my mind as if they were just another person passing by in my life but there’s certain people i don’t get tired of looking at. it’s as if there face is still something new for me to observe. the reason why i say i’m the type to fall in love easily is because i think everyone has something beautiful in them, even if it doesn’t show at first. if you get to know someone deeply theres always going to be something beautiful about them. when i say beautiful i’m talking in terms of both looks and soul. i can’t bring myself to not notice that. there’s always a reason for someone to be so mean on the outside as well as quiet but for most people it’s really not there fault they turned out that way. most of the time it’s bc of there past or there current situation which involves either there parents, siblings, far more relatives, and friends. this cycle goes on and on. there could also be a good reason why the people around that person are like that too and it’s not there fault either. this world is a sinful place and humans are bound to sin by human nature. it’s just the way it is. we can never really blame each other. i say it’s everyone’s own fault we are like this. it’s simply human nature. i always try to look further into a person and make my myself wonder countless possibility’s why there like this and that. i do that because i truly believe everyone has something beautiful anyone can fall in love with if you just look closer, if you just get closer. sometimes even though i know it’s not there fault there a bad person i don’t try to get closer. i’m only human there’s only so much i can do. i’m not god and i’m certainly not special. i can’t save someone from there own misery when i’m stuck on my own. the only thing i can do is be real. i would like anyone around me to be at peace. i would like to let them know i truly don’t judge and i believe in what they say no matter what, even if i don’t agree i respect there beliefs and choose to just listen because it’s the best i can do for someone. having said that, even if someone made me feel any sort of negative emotion i can’t bring myself to truly hate them because these are my beliefs. i truly hope that if i fall in love with someone i hope they can do the same for me.

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