lil pump was overhated, amirite?

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My only concern with lil pump's performance is that it would take forever to inflate anything.

Idk if it was bad on purpose

Thatoneduderyans avatar Thatoneduderyan Yeah You Are +3Reply

No it still sucks even when you try to set the bar as low as possible.

contextrips avatar contextrip Yeah You Are +3Reply

not a great artist objectively, but he was fun while he lasted. gucci gang is my guilty pleasure.

Agree his songs were catchy and either way I'm pretty sure he made them "bad" and played up the whole "mumble rap" thing on purpose to ragebait for the meme

ambitiouscorners avatar ambitiouscorner Yeah You Are +2Reply

Welp, it's at that point that I don't know what the kids are talking about anymore

synthsexuals avatar synthsexual Yeah You Are +1Reply
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