Long shows, Long build up are better, amirite?

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you watch one piece?

Mrtechnohawks avatar Mrtechnohawk Yeah You Are +5Reply

I agree with the sentiment, but I cannot agree with your choice of series.

synthsexuals avatar synthsexual Yeah You Are +4Reply

I'm not a fan of 22 episodes because there ends up being a lot of filler and the story moves along so slowly. 10 episode shows just cut the filler and focus on the plot.

SnooStoriess avatar SnooStories Yeah You Are +4Reply

Are you sure you're not just liking cliffhangers?

If you make tv shows with hour long or more episodes might as well call them movies

Prettydottys avatar Prettydotty Yeah You Are +3Reply

Avatar: The Last Airbender

My unpopular opinion is that any show can be amazing based on how well it makes use of its own format and the execution of its own concepts.

Crazy, right?

lazar94s avatar lazar94 Yeah You Are +3Reply

My issue is that they take a loooong time. That's 16.5 hours for one season, and that's probably 2 days of watching it for 8 hours 15 minutes, or like 22 days if you watch an episode a day. It's just a long time commitment.

I'm watching through Pretty Little Liars (please don't reply with spoilers, I'm only in season 1 episode 16) for the first time and I'd say I agree. However, it can be very daunting when you first begin it.

One of the many reasons why I don't really like or watch movies. It feels so rushed.

Shusszs avatar Shussz Yeah You Are +1Reply

20 min episode x 10 is the perfect length. lego ninjago has had it nailed for years now

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