Unpaid internships are exploitative and should be replaced with paid internships, amirite?

Image for post Unpaid internships are exploitative and should be replaced with paid internships, amirite?
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I forget networking, need to have social connections to even know about the internships and job offers that exist, If I understand correctly 80% of jobs exist in the hidden job market. Some think the hidden job market is a myth.


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Unpaid internships may have a link with Oligopsony and Monopsony, a buyer's monopoly. With only a few or even one buyer the buyer of labor, the employer can set the wage lower. In the case of unpaid internship zero.

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If you work at in retail as a cashier you get paid, same with janitor, cook, etc. Yet somehow college students are expected to work for free during college and after. How are they going to pay for food, shelter, transportation, etc?

Since racialized people are marginalized and therefore have less economic resources to get by with no pay this is also an example of systematic racism.

"The catch-22 here is that employers look for this work experience when they’re hiring for entry-level positions." Rakshitha Arni Ravishankar


Employers just expect way too much of new college graduates. Gotta get the 4 year degree going through all that stress, time, energy, and massive student loan debt. Then, you are expected to write an excellent resume, cover letter, and mock interviews.

All this to land an unpaid internship. College students are expected to do all the above with no pay.

The system just runs college students out of money, time, energy, and / or something tragic happens, parent dies. Suddenly, the college graduate panics and ends up getting a job as janitor which at least pays.

Yet, as a janitor they are not paid a living wage, starvation wage. Their student loans occur interest as they struggle to keep the lights on. Meanwhile the knowledge and skills gained in college dissipate with time.

In the end there is a chance that the student loans they took out as a teenager will cripple their social security in retirement.


My advice, don't take out student loans. Some are born into wealthy enough families that just pay their student loans. Get some capital while you still have family support. Don't just mindlessly follow the grade school advice and send everybody with decent grades to college.

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There are two basic paths to becoming economically healthy. You don't need to be a millionaire let alone make a million dollars a year like a CEO to be economically sound. There are diminishing returns. Yet, being economically unhealthy destroys your life.

The two paths are early college education and early career experience. Yet, the two paths are mostly mutually exclusive. For example, Best Buy doesn't want someone with a master's degree in back end computer programming to be a member of Geek Squad, nor does Wawa. Simultaneously young people learn faster. Their minds are like sponges absorbing knowledge.

These two companies want someone who is young, probably 18 starting an early career. Just as college is best for young people. For Best Buy's Geek Squad they want you to move through the ranks. Start at the lowest rank, a sales associate and then move up to Geek Squad. Getting a college certificate, literally one course at the cheapest community college is all you need.

Wawa is similar. Start your career, and after years you will be invited to go to a secret college and take secret course to get a promotion. Both companies have completely different advice than the traditional send every person to college.

Other examples are factories. They want the 18 year old workers who after 10-20 years get promoted to management. Getting a Phd won't get you straight to management.

Companies may pay for training for young truckers and mechanics, but not for a middle aged person. The idea is this person could stay with the company for a long time and get a very good return on their investment. On the other hand if the person is 45 and retiring at 65, that is not as good a deal for the company.

The point is there are many many alternatives to college fresh out of high school. Often companies want you to start young and then get a degree years later to get to the middle and upper ranks. This entire high school, college, unpaid internship route robs the young of other opportunities and economic health and security.

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