Hybrid birthday parties for kids/little ones are a nice gesture in theory but not good in practice. amirite?

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TIL This is a thing

Yeah, the only way I'm virtually participating in anything is from bed in pajamas with snacks, it's only fair

I feel like this makes more sense as something to drop in on say an all-morning Christmas party and watch the presents and such live, share reactions. For a birthday party I can see maybe opening a gift on call; but for the full party/event... not really.

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With my daughter we just only FaceTimed for a short time during blowing out the candles. Definitely not for the whole party. That seems a little weird

I'm not sure if anybody will disagree with you on this. Hybrid events suck compared to the real deal. I designed some insanely complex ones but they don't generate the same fun or value as the real thing

this sounds so awkward and boring

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Geez I didn't even know this was a thing.

I've FaceTimed / videocalled and said hi to kids on their birthdays, but just having an open video chat while the party is happening sounds really weird and inefficient.

i don't know i mean i read that first line about a "virtual online birthday party" and my immediate reaction was "no that sounds awful why would anyone set that up or attend that?"

This sounds like the worst idea ever.

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