Penny Arcade is literally the worst webcomic of all time. amirite?

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I used to read Penny Arcade around 2000-2005, I'm honestly surprised to hear about them today.

Back in the prime of webcomics, Penny Arcade never made it in my regular reading. And I followed quite a few. I don't know why. Just never resonated with me.

I recall the characters being loosely based off the artists doing them. I haven't seen their comic in a good 15 years at this point but i just went and looked and agree the art has not evolved well. But it makes sense that they're adding little features to make them appear older as the artists age.

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Oh my God is that thing still around?

Their conventions are the best though.

Counterpoint: Stonetoss comics.

I miss the webcomic era

Since it's not Sonichu, the title is simply incorrect.

You get kudos from me about your tenacity. It sounds like this has been a time sink for you, and that you leaned into it when confronted with the nagging sunk cost impulse.

But, honestly, this is the sort of opinion I would expect to read circa 2009-2014. I am a bit thrown off reading this in nearly 2023, if I'm honest.

not sure if it's literally the worst webcomic, i feel like a certain other infamous contender holds that title, but i have it a read and i must agree that it's really terrible

Never seen it, didn't feel like missed much

The early PA was funny as hell, but by like 2008 it had pretty much run it course. Too many spin off comics, that would just up and die, reality shows, plus PAX and Child's Play being as big as they are have killed it.

Plus the current art style physically hurts my eyes. I know all comics evolve style wise, but PA's has been EXTREME.

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@KilljoyX The early PA was funny as hell, but by like 2008 it had pretty much run it course. Too many spin off comics, that...

I just checked out PA by chance this week after a decade, and holy smokes, the art style really did become repulsively worse. That's just bizarre

is penny arcade still around? that comic is old enough to drink

I like one of there comics

That's literally not true. There are far worse ones, but you've never seen them because they suck so much.

Not unpopular

You know this thing you do in a game? I bet you couldn't do that in real life!

—Every gaming webcomic ever

I guarantee my webcomic was worse, but I haven't really put anything online since MySpace was relevant haha

I remember kind of liking a few of the WoW themed ones back in the day, but they ended up getting some of their art used for two of the cards in hearthstone and it's jarring how the art style clashed with the rest of the game

You remember Henry? Now that was bad.

It's so outdated, the effort of a Garfield comic with the dated culture of being a geek in the early 2000# back before it was mainstream. Boomer humor.

You have not ever read the worst web comics there is.

Its like a 25 year old webcomic dude, chill. Its not like Bill Watterson or anything. I guess I get that there were some other cartoonists at the time who became famous, like Homestar Runner or something but, it was stupid even then.

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