Search engines are useless now, amirite?

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Google will destroy its own platform by over monetize it and adding bloat and dumb stuff like every other company. Hello google ads. Goodbye Meta.

I feel like I'm getting to a point in my educational and intellectual pursuits where nothing is helpful online, and most of the questions I have don't have answers.

I can definitely tell that google is insanely strict about the websites it shows now. sometimes ill try to find a particular gorey video and google never does show the videos im looking for. Its does quite a bit of censoring at this point and makes me wonder what else is being hidden.

Search engines no longer use Tf-IDF like in the old days. I miss it. Hummingbird was a mistake I want to go back.

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This isn't an unpopular opinion this is a fact

Most recipes have a button very early that says Jump To Recipe. Best thing ever invented.

Once google started curating results, it was all over. It not an organic search that brings you the most relevant information. It's a list by Google of what they think you should see, which absolutely can't be used for shaping public opinion /s

Search engines are gone, now all we have is marketing engines

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I worked in SEO (search engine optimization) for four years. Companies pay people to rig the search engine algorithm so they can show up first. Meanwhile, the search engines take payments to show what they want first (PPC). So the places with the most money are what appear first rather than what is actually right. Then add in marketing where sites make it so you get ads for what you'll most likely want to buy regardless of what you are searching. It's all awful.

There is a trick to learning how to read the search engine results. If the first answers are full of filler then you should probably rewrite your question.

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I've never had an issue just googling what I want. Especially recipes.

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Search engines frustrate me because they all now rely entirely on Wikipedia. They automatically answer questions with Wiki links or have sidebars with Wiki info. Not my can of soda.

Avoid Google and you'll be fine.

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Need less to say that search results are determined by the the level of personal agenda that they have

I miss the original InfoSeek - they gave you the option to search "within results" so you could narrow down a query to a single page of results

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Want to research something politics based after reading an article? Here's 30 clickbait articles that are using each other as a circular source and won't link the bill they're talking about so you won't read it.

10 ads before an actual result nowadays

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1000%, searching for jobs just ends you up in rabbit holes or goose chases

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I agree completely

I've never had problems with search engines you just gotta know how to Google to get exactly what you want... Easier said than done for most people tho... It's easy for me because I'm a software dev and 80% of my job is googling

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