Gucci belts are tacky, amirite?

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I find the mass majority of these "High end" clothing tacky. Something about a companies logo being plastered all over the clothing reminds me of a billboad and looks trashy to me.

Agreed. I once worked for a guy who wore the belt and shoes. Ridiculous giant GG logos on each.

He spent probably five times my paycheck to look like a ridiculous billboard. Gross.

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I just dislike that brand. Ghetto

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@opensofias I just dislike that brand. Ghetto

I don't think you know what that word means

Openeyess avatar Openeyes Yeah You Are +4Reply

Agree. If it really was about the quality of the product, the quality would sell the product. Product. What cells? That product is a logo, and a sizeable one, that allows the purchaser to flaunt perceived wealth. Plus it's like the easiest thing in the universe to make a copy of and have a counterfeit product, So it doesn't even project true wealth

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Maybe you're just jealous, lol.

@Tontonsflingueurs Bro, are you like 13 years old?

Why? What difference does it make? I'm old enough not to care about what you think. How about that.

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The lower end designer brands do this, have the logo on their products to perceive wealth even though they aren't that wealthy. It's the higher end brands that don't do this and slap a logo on it, because everyone knows a birkin bag is expensive.

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I usually don't go for name brand things, but I love the look of those GG belts. I want one so badly, but I'd never spend that money for something so frivolous. I'd just buy a cheap knockoff.

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It's a status symbol. Wearing something to show off your status is tacky, doesn't matter if it's Gucci or whatever.

Gucci is tacky in general

I have several pieces of clothing and shoes from gucci. Not one of them has a logo. I totally agree that it's one of the most tacky things. But the quality/fit/feel of their previous years stuff was amazing. Now it's just a wearable billboard. Don't even mention LV which has always been tacky unless you were hauling a trunk around in the early 20th century. Money talks, wealth whispers.

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