Weird Al Yankovic isn't funny, amirite?

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Clearly you never seen the trapped in a closet series. That thing has like 15 sequels and there was a midget involved at one point. If you think his parody is ridiculous you need to check out the OG. Also it's extremely difficult to do a parody like he does. His Amish Paradise is extremely well executed. Of course parodies are based on other songs and puns… that's what makes them parodies. It sounds more like, tbh, you don't really understand what a parody is

I like the songs, don't really focus on the comedy most of the times.

Why would you expect Trapped in the Drivethru to be short?

He has original songs too (Don't Download This Song, Skipper Dan, The Night Santa Went Crazy, etc).

Personally, I find his parodies are often better than the source material.

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I do find him cringey, but he is one of the few people IMO that is endearing enough to get a pass. Maybe it's just because I liked him as a kid, I'm not sure.

@Classicdry2232 I do find him cringey, but he is one of the few people IMO that is endearing enough to get a pass. Maybe it's just...

He's totally cringey! But some of my BEST memories are my kids singing along to his songs in the car and just cracking up the whole time. So, yeah, endearing x 1000

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His lyrics are incredibly clever and well timed with the music. A lot of people do parody, but he succeeds at this to another level. I love it.

He mainly plays toward elementary school kids 🤷🏻‍♂️

Updoot for unpopular.

I mean, you're wrong, but still.

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Ever since I read that people actually found Chris Elliot funny, I find that talking about what comedians or individual jokes "are and aren't funny" without the caveat "to me" is dumb.

Some people don't laugh at any comedians ever but will piss themselves looking at pics of kittens.

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I don't get why so many people know who he is and care about him like who is this guy

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He's got a bunch of songs that aren't food related, though. "Smells Like Nirvana", "White And Nerdy", "The Saga Begins", and "Like A Surgeon", just to name a few. He's actually a pretty creative guy.

@Achilles982 but they're all just based on bad puns

Puns by their nature are not that great. White and Nerdy and Like a Surgeon are puns, but the ideas behind the puns are great.

Weird Al may not technically be the best accordion player, but he IS arguably the most famous accordion player in an extremely specific genre of music.

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Comedy music isn't funny

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