IPAs are delicious, amirite?

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I love the taste of hops. I prefer the bitter ones to the sweeter fruitier ones though.

Gangstacat4882s avatar Gangstacat4882 Yeah You Are +6Reply

IPAs are my favorite.

Professor-kaosss avatar Professor-kaoss Yeah You Are +6Reply

I not only enjoy them but make my selection purely based off the art on the can. I'm sorry everyone

Shiny244s avatar Shiny244 Yeah You Are +6Reply

This is very popular.

IPAs are rather popular, so of course you have tons of contrarians.

dankXDs avatar dankXD Yeah You Are +3Reply
@dankXD IPAs are rather popular, so of course you have tons of contrarians.

The juicy ones. Proper old school hoppy IPAs are really not that popular. Voodoo ranger non-hazy falls into this category.

Boknows12s avatar Boknows12 Yeah You Are +2Reply

They are good but I don't drink for taste. I drink because I'm an alcoholic

Boknows12s avatar Boknows12 Yeah You Are +3Reply

Yeah man here's my unpopular opinion, Diet Coke is delicious! Hopefully Coca-Cola doesn't catch on to how unpopular it is and pull it from shelves nationwide

The only kinda beer my bf drinks.

definitely not "unpopular" you are drinking one that you bought at a store that is not out of stock or hard to get

Significantads avatar Significantad Yeah You Are +3Reply

I like them, it's just disappointing sometimes that it's the only craft beer you can find.

I feel like 80% of beers at any store are IPAs. They are very popular.

JoshByer2s avatar JoshByer2 Yeah You Are +2Reply

Hefeweizen >

I think its just purely bandwagon hatred, nothing wrong with IPA that you cant also apply to beer in general.

Its the only alcohol I like tbh

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