I hate Fromsoftware games, amirite?

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Idk, to me elden ring felt fair as you can always get stronger.

And the exploration alone makes it a masterpiece.

Eh, most fromsoftware fans have their own genuine criticisms. The endgame of elden ring is pretty unpopular within the fanbase because of input reading, delayed attacks, combos that are too long, little to no windups on some bosses, etc.

People just don't take kindly to their favorite games being called boring, chore-like, and sometimes ‘poorly designed'. This is not a souls-fan exclusive trait

There are some fromsoftware bosses that are straight up unfair, and many (i would even say most) fans would admit that, but its going to elicit a negative response when you accuse the ENTIRE game of being those things because it simply comes off as whining.

I also don't imagine they enjoy being called arrogant masochistic elitist egotistical maniacal narcissistic manchildren but who knows

I've only played sekiro and while very difficult for me I seem to love it. I'm not a big gamer but it's by far my favorite which is odd because I'm with you in that I hate when games are a chore to play

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I mean, I also dislike playing them but thats because it's just not my type of game. I wouldn't start complaining about it and calling them bad lol.

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You know, I would have enjoyed Soul Series a couple of decades back - because I had time and patience for these kind of games. Now, I rather play something casual and have a good time without dying a bunch of times.

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i never played any fromsoftware games apart from sekiro and i wouldnt say the game is hard for hards sake

it has mechanics that take time to learn and time to master

if you dont have fun playing them thats fine but some people actually enjoy the game aspect of a game... you know the part where it challenges you...

this is like someone complaining chess is too hard and not fun because someone keeps beating you

i hate saying this but "getting good" is the fun part of the game and when you re doing the boss for the twentieth time and realize you can now beat it easily its an amazing feeling

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That's what a souls game is. It's meant to be challenging and punishing. It's unique in that it doesn't hold your hand. Elden ring is my first souls game. The bosses have an attack pattern in such a way that I've never seen in any other game. I spent three hours straight on my favorite boss, learning his move patterns and when and how to parry him; now I can pretty much no hit him in different play throughs. It's not for everyone

How far did you get into the game and did you use consumables?

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Oh God here comes the otakus....

Skill issue

Games like elden ring were designed to be hard

As a lover of dark souls. This is a truly unpopular opinion.

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Only good souls games were demons souls and dark souls. After that it felt like they were just going through the motions or just adding unneeded mechanics.

These games were made to punish you, truth be told they aren't for everyone and that's perfectly acceptable. I'll admit myself I don't play the games because they are too punishing for me but I will admit that Fromsoft are experts at making games that really make you think. The stories are also very good but again it's a puzzle they won't just give it to you it's part of the enjoyment to figure it out on your own.

Not to be like the maniacal egotistical man child masochist fan base you speak of but this is kinda a git gud moment

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You can go around the Tree Sentinel. You don't have to fight it to progress.

@tonywonderslostnut Ik, but i wanted to do it to get in line with the combat more.

The entire point of the tree sentinel was to teach players that it is ok and encouraged to not fight everything immediately and to leave and come back later

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Armored Core on the PlayStation was excellent in it's time.

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Not a fan either. Mostly because I'm a dad with limited time to game and don't like insurmountable challenges in my games. Life has plenty of those already.

Personally, I dislike their games because of the mechanics, I've tried some dark souls and bloodborne and I just find it too clunky

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Enjoy Roblox and Minecraft, peasant.

I quit video games because they're too easy. I guess I should give Elden Ring a try then.

Get good scrub

I hate god of war and shooter games and love fromsoft games not everyone likes the same stuff 🤷🏻‍♂️

You just sound like you just don't like hard games which don't give you plenty of room for mistakes.

It isn't bad design of the game tho. I am surprised I managed to beat it and still happily going around.

Also ngl..."get gud" actually motivated me, therefor try finger, but whole

I don't think it's much different from other hard/competitive games. The "success" dopamine you get from beating a boss is definitely less frequent, but it is certainly more powerful. So it evens out IMO.

@Professor-kaoss I don't think it's much different from other hard/competitive games. The "success" dopamine you get from beating a...

Not for me, it's not a dopamine of "yay i did it", it's one of "finally i don't have to waste my time on this bs"

They are meant to be difficult. If you don't like that kind of gameplay, try other games. Not everyone has to play every popular game.

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