Jerry Seinfeld as a standup comedian sucks! amirite?

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He is only considered popular or famous because of his dumb show and the bee movie. He sucks and every time my niblings want to watch the bee movie, I make an excuse to be anywhere but there.

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I think his standup is hit or miss (more popular among the older gens). But also, dude come on, those are the goats. Most comedians suck compared to the legends

It was more family friendly comedy.

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What's the deal with airplane peanuts?

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Most people will say this, my unpopular opinion is that he's actually quite good. I mean he came from a time in which observational comedy was pretty much the only type of comedy, and in that style he was perhaps the best.
Then, tastes changed and he didn't, so he really doesn't jive with younger audiences today like he used to in the nineties.

Seinfeld was better as a sitcom character than a real comedian

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This is not an unpopular opinion. Jerry Seinfeld is a mediocre comedian at best. He's a little league player in the crowd of world series all stars you mentioned.

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@bibbitybobbitybacon And 10x more successful

Because he got lucky and met Larry David.

@teknogreek Because he got lucky and met Larry David.

If Jerry didn't have that TV show, you'd be able to have a smoke with him outside when comedy night comes to the Comfort Inn in Dayton, OH

@bibbitybobbitybacon And 10x more successful

Now that's an unpopular opinion

"I think Jerry Seinfeld is a better comedian than Richard Pryor and George Carlin because he had a hit tv show and made more money."

Yessssss agreed.

He'll get a couple chuckles out of me. Definitely not in the same league as Carlin and others.

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Well it is all down to personal tastes and opinion but it's not a case of him sucking but rather he isn't to your tastes as all the comedians you listed there are known mire for crude humour and large personalities.

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