Most people die with a kill death ratio of 0, amirite?

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Since people die with the ratio, some mathematicians would argue that 0/0 is the same as 1/1 and thus most people actually die with a K/D of 1.00

Philosophers would argue the same, but because technically most people die because of their body, making it a kill. (Gamers would vehemently deny this, saying that killing yourself gives you a -1/1 k/d)

And activists against pollution would argue that everyone who doesn't live in the nature without industrial products has a positive kill/death ratio because of pollution...

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Corollary: except in extreme cases, everyone dies with a whole number KDA

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Intentional or unintentional? And do animals or fish count? Would a chef cooking a lobster be equivalent to murderer? If you smoked every day and die of lung cancer, would that count as a "kill"?

If we look at microorganisms, my kill count is in the millions from probably this cold/flu crap alone.

Just humans? Yes probably. Plants, ants, animals/hunting, etc? No

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