The 'clean & jerk' and 'snatch' are the worst weight lifting exercises out there, amirite?

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So don't do weightlifting?

You don't lift do you ?

C&J and the snatch aren't exercising people do to train core and stability. It's a competitive lift.

People train various different exercises in order to increase their C&J and snatch.

So i'm not a fan of those lifts either, but I think the problem is people having too much weight on the bar. Like if you get hurt training then you can't keep training lol.

Same goes for any lift really. Better to drop weight and ego than to impress people and get hurt.

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@Boknows12 Yup. I've decided to never find out what my one rep max is in any lift.

I started a 5/3/1 routine last year where you basically only calculate your max and only use a training max of 90%. It's definitely helped me make more progress, steadily and safely.

Back in high school the coach had us actually doing our 1rm then working off that and it always felt like too much.

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@Boknows12 Yup. I've decided to never find out what my one rep max is in any lift.

I don't even use how it's useful. No one has given me one good reason

I have had conversations with people that went like this:

I can lift 250 pounds for this number of reps. But acckshuallyyyyyyyy, I can lift 300 pounds.

So you've lifted 300 pounds?

No, I have only lifted up to 250. But I can pick up 300 pounds.

So, again… you've lifted 300 pounds?

I can pick it up, but only one time.

Okay … third time … you've lifted 300 pounds?

well I haven't done it, but I can totally do it

So … ARE you gonna do it?

UH… UH.. (searches for excuse) NO BECAUSE UH…

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But in just seven days
(And seven nights)
I can make you a man.

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Was going to ask why this isn't tagged NSFW and then I read the rest of the title

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Former high school Olympic lifter here, these are not for show. As others have said, it helps tremendously with explosiveness. It helped me personally improve for my primary sports. You can't get that explosiveness from bench or squat although they have other positive training impacts.

I do agree with you in the sense that you need to be properly trained and build up to the weight... But tell me how this is any different than getting good at any sport. Put an amateur against a pro and there will be danger (likely included by the amateur).

Any sports class teaching these lifts should preach form over weight..

For the record, there are no spotters in competition. Lifters will bail out if the attempt isn't successful. The judges sit nearby to evaluate quality of technique.

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What are the much more effective lifts?

Unless you are specifically training for those lifts for that sport there is no reason to do those lifts. They are very technical, take months or years to master, and the hypertrophy is minimal

Weightlifting is a dangerous sport, even among the best.

If you are not competing and just lift weight as a form of exercise, no one expects you to do those.

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