Movies are extremely fake and a waste of time. amirite?

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I feel the exact same way. I have no tolerance for dramas and action movies any more. It's just all so tedious and boring. If it's not making me laugh then I can't even get into it. Even then, I don't think I've finished a comedy in a long time.

My wife and I just tried to watch You People on Netflix and halfway through we looked at each other and said, "I think I can guess almost every joke that's going to happen for the rest of the movie," and turned it off.

This may sound weird, but the only thing I find entertaining these days is Bravo reality shows. Say what you will, but it's pretty good stuff.

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Me too bro….pornographic sex scenes, disturbing Violence, way more profanity than anyone ever uses in real life, woke virtue signaling. Why would I waste my time or pay for that. I'll just YouTube fishing videos lol

Wow this is an unpopular opinion . I've never heard anyone say watching movies are pointless

The people in it seem like they are just acting like someone they're not. It's so weird. /s

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What were the last 2 movies?

I think movies are just getting worse

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I'm not a fan of movies, I think ur reasons are silly. "Cringe" is just a ridiculous word to use over the age of 14 and "fake" well yea they're movies lol

So I agree that movies are a waste of time but not your reasons lol

While watching movies, I often get distracted by different things. I can't keep my attention on a movie even if it's interesting. Lately I've start to playing on my computer in bluestacks while watching a movie on the background

I have noticed the same thing. Seems like they go all out for a tv series now, but a lot of movies appear as if they were slapped together in a week.

Wait, you mean Thanos isn't real ? 😮

Well, they can teach youba move or two

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‘Feels cringe and like a waste of time'
Just wait until you get out of your teenage years.

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