I prefer rubbing at t-shirt on my teeth as opposed to brushing them, amirite?

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Pretty sure this is how people cleaned their teeth in medieval times. So as long as you say, "Prithee", "S'blood", "Gramercy", and "Sweeting" while you're doing it, I say go for it.

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@contextrip Thanks

You only have two shirts you jerry fuker; those will be covered in plaque if u keep doing this

alrighty, my internet insanity meter is ticking faster, time to log off

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this is just criminal


Are you okay?

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dude brush your teeth wtf

You're doing it wrong. The best way to maintain dental hygiene is to ask your homie to lick your teeth clean and then dry them with his breath. The sock method is good for flossing though so props to you on that one.

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There's no way in hell you get into the grooves of your teeth with your finger

@Tontonsflingueurs Keep ‘em high and tight!

Well if you use that tip too often they don't stay high and tight. But i don't mind saggy socks

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But why?

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So do you put on a shirt, "brush" your teeth, and than keep wearing the wet soap that's covered in toothpaste?

Honestly bro I take a can of compressed air for keyboards and clean them that way

No. You don't.

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This guy is definitely British and he has definitely cleaned his teeth with rocks before lmao

I know you're kidding but this kind of misinformation could harm people a lot

Iapetus-11s avatar Iapetus-11 Yeah You Are +2Reply

thank you for making me expel air from my nostrils.

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