Friendzone Really Isn't too Bad, amirite?

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Shoot your shot when you can and roll with the punches. Lot of fish in the sea, and all that. Sounds cool that you're fine with rejection, so long as you're not pining helplessly from the friendzone bench. Doesn't sound like you're into these folks romantically too long after getting turned out, though, so kudos. Definitely the healthier choice.

Your opinion is really mature, and sometimes mature opinions are unpopular.

I really hope your opinion is more popular than it seems, though. People can behave in really scary ways when they get obsessed with being friend zoned and how horrible people are for just wanting to be friends.

Yeah, I guess I'm pretty unusual in the fact that I'm really not interested in friendship, it just doesn't hold any appeal to me.

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Friendship is always a net positive. If you won't be happy being friends with someone you shouldn't date them either.

Hey you completing the side quests out here - gotta get that full completion trophy

You should start seeing people as friends first, and then romantically. Might help with the rejection and friendship situation

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