What would you say to my18 years old nephew who want absolutely to be dressed like his l4 years old little brother who is wearing short pants all day long, The problem is my nephew is groing hair on his legs and thighs and he 's got rather odd in his short trousers, His parents try to convince him that he woul look better if he dressed according to his age, but to no avail. amirite

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I understand to a certain extent the attitude of my nephew because at that age I was still in short pants,b dependent of my parents and legally submitted to them. They made me wear short trousers by defect up to the end of my secondry school at 18 years old and was still liableto corporal punishments up to my coming of age at 21 years old It was a long time ago but there was no problem for me because as a scout and later as a rover wearing during the summertime I was always wearing some kaki short trousers. It is curious to see my nephew willing to imate or emulate his young brother at least the way he likes to be dressed. I suspect that we are witnessing here a case of infantilisation . It could ebe a delay in his psycho-sexual development or a regression into hild hood I am not sure at all,

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