When I was in my teens, during the weekends and the summer vacations I was most of the time wearing these sexy Adidas shorts of various colours, well designed, with white strips on the side and and a cut on the legs. They were very short, thight on the bump and uncover the thighs up to the crotch.They were very comfortable and practical for playing walking or working around the house in the garden, I was really found of them and have worn them up to my adult life. We can't find them any more on the market. Do you have the nostalgia of these shorts and this magic period of the 70's. amirite?

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A slim body. My Adidas sport shorts folded around my pelvis. The nice pouch it made around the package, That is why I as so found of these old vintage nylon shorts ( and some bulges). When I have been a naughty boy, I was spanked merciless in them.

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