If a guy truly loves you and sees a future with you, he will propose within 1-2 years. amirite?

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Ima be real with you, that sounds like a recipe for divorce.

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"My culture is the only one that exists"

This is a true unpopular opinion. And I agree that it should be. This person hasn't dated long enough.

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I do think when you know you know and dating years and years isn't going to make a difference. My parents dated less than 1 year and they've been married over 30 years.

I dated my husband for 6 freaking years before we got married and it was so annoying. We met at 18 though so I guess it makes sense more when you're younger

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@Zakabog I do think when you know you know and dating years and years isn't going to make a difference. My parents dated...

I don't think the number of years before you get married makes much of a difference. All that matters is if you're committed to each other.

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@Frickmeplease I don't think the number of years before you get married makes much of a difference. All that matters is if you're...

It starts to make a difference at a certain point when you're getting older and it's not happening

That was true for my grandparents. Marriages don't last for a lifetime anymore. Not ones just getting started now in the west. He can marry you and you can leave him for any reason. No cheating, No abuse you just file a no fault divorce and split. The court will give you the house, the kids, alimony for life and tell him to F off. So, he might want to think about it.

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Op are you married?

I have no dog in this hunt. But let them know I'll say no so they don't ask.

click on the guys profile

If a couple truly love each other they dont need weddings to validate it.

I love my gf and plan to be with her as long as possible but I'll never propose or ever get married again. I don't need a legal contract to show my dedication

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Lol. Life isn't a Hallmark Movie. This is naive and simplistic nonsense.

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Half of all marriages end in divorce, you may know you love them now but will you love them forever?

What an arbitrary timeline lol

Marriage isn't necessary to prove love, and can turn a relationship complicated and messy.

Not to mention, if you're looking for your partner to constantly "prove" they love you, you're doing it wrong. :)

Teenager. Or mind of teenager.

Damn, I guess 11 years of my life have been destroyed.

Nope. Some woman want a big rock no matter how much they love you.

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2 years is too soon. But I will say someone shouldn't actively be avoiding that conversation if they see a future with you past a certain age. You can be with someone for years, and think you know them well. Move in with them and realize you're still learning things about them. My fiance and I have been together 4 years, we've lived together 1 year now and I'm getting engaged before the end of this year. But started speaking about marrying each other 3 years ago. I had health complications, that required surgery and have another upcoming major surgery. I had to come off my job and at the time it just was too much stress to think about anything else. But he's been there for me through all my procedures, my biggest supporter. And has taking on financial responsibility for now. I want to enjoy my honeymoon, so get healed, then get married. I'm pretty sure the man loves me. Life isn't a fairy tale, things come up. In 2 years you really don't know a person as well as you think you do.

The thought of getting engaged after only knowing/dating someone for a year gives me hives.

You must not truly love him because you aren't proposing.

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There's lots of reasons a guy might not propose within that arbitrary ass time span that have nothing to do with how much he loves you or how committed he is.

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You know that this is an international platform (although dominated by Americans)?
Spending 10k for an engagement ring is by no means the standard in the west.
Neither is getting married early the norm, because the social consequences of avoiding marriage are vastly different in different western societies.
Never getting married in Norway? Sure no problem. In southern Italy? You better be engaged before you move in together.

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What if it takes longer to get to know the person? Their family? Etc. what if they are trying to solidify their career? What if they don't believe in the government getting involved with their relationship? Also, if you think he's the one within 1-2 year then you can propose.

I heard someone once say that if an (emotionally mature) guy is really serious about you, he wants to take you off the market sooner rather than later. What do you guys think, would you say that's accurate in your experience?

Someone thinks movies and TV are real life

Wait a minute… we've gotta take into account someone's age at the very least…

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