Every woman has been sexually violated by a man at least once in her life but not every man has been sexually violated by a woman at least once in his life. amirite?

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I have. Chick took my dick out while I was passed out. And I'm not a show-er, if you know what I mean. Everybody was giggling the next morning. I was like "It's small, but it's fierce!"

"Every" sounds a little extreme

This is stupid. I can disprove it right now. I am a woman who has never been SA'd.

The difference is, when a woman sexually assaults a man, he gets laughed at and told to shut up.

I was forced through a vagina when I was 0 years old.

Every man has been told he doesn't matter over and over in his life

Gonna need you to show your work on this one, homie.

Yeah… Try harder op. There are more ways of violation than the default forceful thing.

I bet his wallet has been violated more than once

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