Common sense is not common for everyone, amirite?

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No such thing as common sense. If we were all spoon fed the same 13 years of education in America, we'd all be able to regurgitate it at will, right? That's not how human experience works. We aren't all living the same lives, learning the same lessons. It's degrading to assume someone else grew up the same as you. Not enough people call out those who use the phrase, but it should be seen as derogatory. Is it a death sentence? Of course not. That's common sense, right? =P

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Yes because common doesn't mean that everyone has it, hence why the "common", and not everyone ( or a synonym ).

Common sense is so rare now I think it's technically a super power

Common sense is neither.

@Openeyes Common sense is neither.

I'm stealing that, I don't know when I'm going to use it but I'm going to file it away for later.

@Thenaturelover I'm stealing that, I don't know when I'm going to use it but I'm going to file it away for later.

Well I hope you are able to recall it when the moment arises and your brain doesn't fart as you swear it's on the tip of your tongue

And it's usually nonsense too

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Thats common knowledge

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Common sense is what ignorant people think they possess

I like to call it Uncommon Sense.

Common sense doesn't exist

Imo in a world where everything thinks for you, things without any sense have the opportunity to live.

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Common sense is, by definition, common. So obviously not everyone has common sense, but most people do.

I like the terms "relative sense" and "common knowledge". Some things make sense to most people while others have no experience with them. Calling something common sense is basically a way to call someone stupid when it may not be relative to their experience

How long did it take you to come up with this one?

Common sense implies the existence of uncommon sense, rare sense, and legendary sense

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