You got a laptop, not for "portability" or "simplicity", but so you could lay in bed while on the computer. Amirite?

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I'm in bed right now...hello smilie


tshah520s avatar tshah520 Yeah You Are +12Reply

lol :P Im sitting on my bed on my laptop right now

Canadian_Ninjas avatar Canadian_Ninja Yeah You Are +2Reply

im sitting on the toilet....

Anonymous +2Reply

smoothly now flush..........

TalkingRices avatar TalkingRice Yeah You Are +3Reply

I got my laptop for porn.

Anonymous +2Reply

No, I got a laptop because my dad insisted on buying me one.

I have a desktop and getting another one because they're the best for gaming. :D

I don't have a laptop :'(

I have one for school.

Anonymous 0Reply

that's exactly what i'm doing xD

ihatebakass avatar ihatebakas Yeah You Are 0Reply

Where do you think I am right now?

Anonymous 0Reply

Get out of my head!

Ram27s avatar Ram27 Yeah You Are 0Reply

uhh im pretty sure being able to lie on your bed with your laptop is becasue the laptop is portable, so isnt that portability?

I gotta desktop! :P
a laptop would be nice though...........

Meh.. Nah, I got one for school.

Kaitlyns avatar Kaitlyn Yeah You Are 0Reply

i dont have a laptop. i think they suck ass. they have no power, have shitty keyboards and trackpads, and pretty much all of them except macs look like shit. and macs are too much money. so im gonna stick with my desktop hooked up to my tv and a wireless keyboard and mouse for laying on the bed while on the computer.

Thomass avatar Thomas No Way -7Reply
@Aren't you cool.

not really. i just appreciate having a computer that can actually do what i want it to.

Thomass avatar Thomas No Way -3Reply
@My laptop does what I actually want it to do.

well you and i probably want different things out of our computers.

Thomass avatar Thomas No Way +1Reply
@Probably. But not all laptops are bad.

well if you want to spend an assload of money, no. but i could build a desktop with an i7 and a nasty ass video card for the amount of money you would pay for a laptop with an i5 with intel graphics. and the i5 isnt even quad core.

Thomass avatar Thomas No Way -3Reply
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