Dear mom and dad, I understand that you have the right to ground me and take away my phone and computer, but my door? Well, that's just complete bullshit. amirite?

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Wow, I actually think that's completely disgusting. Kids and teens deserve privacy like anyone else, I hate it when parents pull shit like this =/

act like there's still a door a few times and you'll get it back in no time. When it comes to cell phones, same thing, remind them why you got it in the first place: they want to be in contact with their lil baby so they know if your dead or not or something.

lol reminds me of freaky friday

@Predy lol reminds me of freaky friday

That's what I thought they were talking about. Didn't think they actually took doors away.

Oh my gosh my parents took away my door a few summers ago and I'm not getting it back plus i have to clean my room more often because every time they go upstairs they see into it.

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I just... change and stuff anyway.
My parents give it back right away!

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I didn't have a door for a about a year because we moved to a new house and my mom and dad insisted on taking the old doors out before they even got the new ones. We still had a bathroom door though, so I just changed in my room, unless my brother had friends over.

Haha, this was one of the first posts I read, and I just found it on "Random." Ah, the memories. :D

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