97.3% of statistics are just made up. amirite?

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and what about that stat :)

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@and what about that stat :)

made up, thats why i voted no.

Vinvus avatar Vinvu No Way +3Reply
@Vinvu made up, thats why i voted no.

Duh, it's made up. I don't think you are getting it. It's a joke...

_m0nkeyzs avatar _m0nkeyz Yeah You Are +1Reply
_m0nkeyzs avatar _m0nkeyz Yeah You Are +1Reply

i love this because the stat is false, but the concept is probably true

mexicanpeanuts avatar mexicanpeanut Yeah You Are 0Reply

HAHA. Funny hehe ^^

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About 63.8% of people actually believe any stat with a random percentage thrown in.

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