Our goal is to make Amirite a place for open friendly discussion, and a welcoming place for all who visit. In order to achieve that goal, to comply with the law, and to keep Amirite a nice place to visit we place some restrictions on what can be submitted to Amirite.

The term "content" means anything you submit to Amirite. This includes (but is not limited to) posts, comments, messages, images, and user profiles.

  1. Content is prohibited and will be removed if:
    1. It contains something illegal.
      For example (but not limited to) copyright or trademark infringement, or illegal sexual content.
    2. It's spam.
      Links to external sites are allowed only if they are relevant to the discussion and do not appear to be exclusively for marketing purposes. Promoting your own websites or creations is allowed in moderation, however if you post excessive links to the same place this will be considered spam.
    3. It's a post that does not make sense or is unanswerable.
      A post should be an opinion that other people can respond to. If it cannot be understood, people cannot answer it.
    4. It contains adult / "NSFW" material.
      Amirite is a work friendly website. If you wouldn't look at it in front of your boss / teacher / mother (it's NSFW - not safe for work) it shouldn't be posted to Amirite. This includes, but is not limited to, pornography, partial nudity and other "risque" content, and "gore".
    5. It contains hate speech or other highly offensive material.
      If it would be viewed as offensive or unsanitary by an average person it's not welcome on Amirite. Hate speech means expressions of hatred toward someone on account of that person's colour, race, disability, nationality (including citizenship), ethnic or national origin, religion, gender identity, or sexual orientation.
    6. It's a duplicate of a post that has already been made.
      Please use the search to check if it has already been posted. Do not post the same thing multiple times.
    7. It contains personally identifiable or confidential information.
      Do not post private information about anybody. This includes information such as full names (usernames and other aliases used online are okay), email addresses, postal addresses, phone numbers etc. This is sometimes referred to as 'Doxing'.
    8. It is abusive, harassing, threataning, bullying, or encourages others to do so.
      Do not post things that would make somebody feel that they are not welcome on Amirite, that Amirite is not a safe place to participate in open discussion, or to fear for their safety.
    9. It causes a technical problem with the site.
      Do not post anything that may interfere with the smooth operation or display of Amirite.
    10. It is a meta post - it only discussing Amirite or its members.
      Do not make a post/comment/message discussing other members, former members, other posts/comments, the website, the management, the former management, or the moderators. This include both positive and negative posts. If you have an issue with any of these please use the 'contact us' page. We regret that this rule must be in place, however this is now enforced due to a disproportionate amount of posts on these topics. A post should be a fresh opinion about something outside of Amirite.
    11. It is a political comment on a non-political post.
      It's perfectly fine to make a political post and to comment on one. But many people try to avoid politics, so if the post is not about politics do not comment about politics on it.
  2. Adult language is allowed on Amirite when used in moderation. Excessive or unnecessary use is discouraged.
  3. The decision of The Management is final. Do not resubmit content that has been removed.
  4. The contents of a page or media linked to will be considered part of the submitted content. (i.e. If you link to offensive content in a comment, the comment may be removed.)
  5. Content may be edited by a moderator or The Management for the purpose of fixing appearance on the website (such as broken URLs or special characters that may break the appearance of the site). If some part of a content violates the rules, a moderator or The Management may decide to remove that part alone and leave the rest of the content visible (e.g. removing a link or image from a post or comment but leaving the rest of the post/comment).
  6. We may sometimes need to remove content due to external pressures such as requests by law enforcement or restrictions imposed by our third party providers in order to continue the smooth operation of Amirite. In such a case the poster will be notified why their content was removed.
  7. When content is removed it may be retained on our servers but hidden from public view.
  8. We enforce our Content Policy and Terms of Use in the following ways:
    1. Messaging users to make them aware their actions are prohibited.
    2. Hiding the offending content.
    3. Removing the offending content.
    4. Temporarily or permanently banning user accounts.
    5. Restricting access to Amirite via various methods.