Amirite Is 10 Years Old!

Aug 11th 2019

10 years ago today Amirite was born. The first post (excluding some test posts) has been voted on by thousands of people. Since then millions of you have been posting, commenting on, and voting on opinions from across the globe on every imaginable topic.

We'd like to thank everybody who has contributed to Amirite in these 10 years, from users who were there at the beginning to those who have just joined today. You're the ones who made Amirite enjoyable for so many over this time.

Returning To Our Roots

To celebrate this momentous occasion we are trialing a change to Amirite. It seems fitting that today as we look back on our history we revive a part of what we believe made Amirite great when it was younger.

From today all posts will be the "classic" type of Amirite post. That is those that are a statement, ending in "amirite?", with the "Yeah You Are" and "No Way" voting options.

We are making this change to make Amirite unique again. There are plenty of outlets online to post generic questions and we don't want to be the same as everywhere else. Once again Amirite is for you to share your opinions on the world and see who agrees with you.

As was the case during at our beginning, posts that do not fit into the Amirite format will not be allowed. We recognise that a period of transition is required so at first if a post is made that does not fit the classic Amirite format, a moderator will suggest how to make it fit.

Just remember, Amirite is for you to express your own opinion. Be bold and write a statement rather than simply posing a question.

Post Your Opinion

Questions and Feedback

Many of you will have questions and opinions about this change. We encourage you to share those with us using the contact page