Shirts- only wear once. Pants- once, but sometimes twice. Sweaters- until you remember to put it in the washer again, amirite?

you can def get more than one wear out of pants. I think it should be like 3-5

Women shouldn't be able to vote. I'm really not a sexist, believe me I'm anything but, but I mean cmon. They're just gonna vote for whoever is a "total hunk" and screw up our economy even more. amirite?

i disagree with the post, but he brings up a good point. i hated all of those people who voted for barack just because he was black. same goes for all of the women who voted for hilary (in the primary) just to have a woman president. people should vote for someone they believe in

go to homepage and press these keys in this order: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a. This is epic, amirite?

how do you find out stuff like this? lol button mashing? haha

when you're clearly upset about something and you're boyfriend asks how he can help, it just makes your day, amirite?

I hope he is helping your grammar. o.O

It's annoying how rock paper scissors was changed. We don't need a fucking 'shoot', or any other variations, amirite?

the only options are rock paper or scissors. the shoot is just so the people put their hands out at the same time. shoot is the way to go. ;)

It's stupid for anyone to only tell their friend what they want to hear. Maybe if everyone got knocked down a few levels every once in a while people wouldn't have such an undeserved sense of self righteousness when they fuck up. So start telling your friends when you think they're being a twit amirite?

There's a fine line to this though. I wouldn't go walking around telling my friend he/she is a dumb ass. I'm not saying to lie either, but sometimes more eloquent phrasing is needed.

You hate it when textbooks explain complicated terms with even more complicated terms. amirite?

wikipedia does this so much. i always end up with like 30 tabs open trying to find to meaning to the original one haha

If you have the right to smoke and ruin my lungs, then I have the right to ruin your ear drums with my air horn, amirite?
@DDasia Breathing in cigarette smoke for half a millisecond, when you leave the house 3 times a year isn't going to ruin...

this is why its a problem. because people think that it's nothing. if everyone does this, it adds up pretty fast; the aggregated effect of thousands of people smoking isn't just half a millisecond. and like the comment below me, lots of crowded areas on college campuses are getting ruined by smokers, in my opinion.

Cloning would harm people, not benefit them. amirite?
@So we should create a human being and then steal their organs?

too bad you don't know how the actual process works. :(

If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular? , amirite?
Funny black people are awesome, amirite?

how about just "funny people are awesome"? haha it shouldnt matter if they are black

What's the point of cleaning my room? I'm the only person in the God damn place, amirite?

so you dont like being clean instead of living like a slob?

When your sick and you go to the doctors, you dont talk, your mum does all the talking, amirite?

you many pass your driving test, but still have no confidence driving. but you can pass a math test and have confidence that you know the material, thus meaning more satisfaction.

When your sick and you go to the doctors, you dont talk, your mum does all the talking, amirite?
@Palindromes_Are_Fun An acronym has to be in all caps. It'd be STFU. I just find it funny that you're complaining about somebody's...

I happen to find it very funny that you are now criticizing me for the exact same thing you defended the original poster about. Just where do your intentions lie?